The top 5 reasons to be drinking purified water from Gold Water Group.

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Gold Water Group top 5 reasons to be drinking purified water:

1. Chlorine

You will know bleachy, eye burning stuff employed to disinfect pools? That's also utilized to disinfect your drinking water. Thats why your regular water might taste a lttle bit bitter where you can bleach smell that really shouldnt exist. A decent carbon filter will reduce the chlorine by 99%.

2. Dirty Pipes

Your normal water might be relatively free of dirt when it leaves the water treatment works, but it travels a fair distance before it grows to your taps. It can be travelling miles through rusty pipes, and thats even before it requires to have the pipework within your building that may also be very old.

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3. Bacteria

In addition to the chemicals and dirt that can be in for your water, perhaps the scariest of most is the considered microorganisms. Ultraviolet purification zaps these little germs and stops them from reproducing. This needs to be done once any chlorine continues to be removed.

4. Essential Minerals

You dont want absolutely everything removed from your water. Water is healthy because it's brimming with essential minerals like Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium that your body requires.

A lot of people 're going crazy right now for reverse osmosis systems. Our Eagle RO system leaves in 5-50ppm of these minerals our systems need every day. Whether you drink lots of water or otherwise, everyone ought to get their vitamins each day to ensure that you are getting what your system needs.

5. Residue

You should be happy to guzzle water by the gallon to get healthier but regular faucet water just doesnt taste that great. Water must be tasty and you ought to enjoy drinking it.